How To Innovate Successfully

How To Innovate Successfully

Managers should innovate – but how should this be done and what steps can you take to deliver this?

The following pointers might be helpful:

  1. Focus your innovation and thought processes around a recognised and thorny issue where there has already been some investigation and analysis. Where exactly is the pain and what problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Accumulate a good reference base of diverse knowledge and experience – important for developing creative connections that will help you move forward.
  3. Find time for self-reflection and analysis. Contemplate the issues but remember to find time for some relaxation!
  4. Share your vision and make your ideas more powerful as others can see your contribution
  5. Bring in both human expertise/capital and social expertise/capital to the issue – wider connections = greater emphasis and support.
  6. Incorporate an innovative streak into your work DNA and approach.
  7. Be bold and challenge conventions – tell me again, why are we doing this?
  8. Learn from failure – failure is not a bad thing as long as you refine your approach, review the strategy and thinking and emerge better for it – in other words, you have learned from the experience!
  9. Be an innovative manager – that is why you got the job, otherwise the previous post holder would still be there!
  10. Lead innovation – see Point 9 above.

Good Luck!

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