How To Attract And Keep TALENTED Team Members

How To Attract And Keep TALENTED Team Members

The workplace is often a combative place to be – there are those team members who are very confident, possibly brash and outspoken, those that are highly confident and who seem to weather any storm – but there are also those who bring a lot of skill and expertise and TALENT to an organisation but for whom specific support is required.

The following pointers should help:

  1. Difference – are they allowed to actually make that difference to the Team? Can they be themselves and express themselves accordingly without fear or worry
  2. Honesty – are they really given all of the information they need to really deliver? Is the organisation holding back on this which then limits their contribution – and which would ultimately push them into leaving through frustration?
  3. Value – does your organisation allow them to grow and to develop – to boost their skills and abilities? For this employee, personal development is king!
  4. Contribution – Talent likes to contribute to an organisation that means and says something about its place in the market. How many Talent Types are happy working in a corner newsagents or convenience store? Not many!
  5. Relevance – is their day-to-day work meaningful or is it repetitious and bland?
  6. Bureaucracy – simple and over-burdening rules frustrate us all but especially so for the more talented employees. Set them free of such burdens/barriers where possible to encourage wider thinking and broader perspectives.

Always consider that virtually all processes and operations can be programmes BUT it is the human input to the task that delivers excellence.

Good Luck!

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