Harnessing The Power Of Chaos For Management Success

No manager likes the damage and disruption that chaos brings with it BUT you can use some of its attributes to bring some excitement and stimulation into the organisation.

Creating an environment where some element of novelty, change and creativity emerges can, however, really get results and get the creative juices flowing.

To really encourage those around you to make that critically important contribution to the organisation or team demonstrate and encourage the following:

  1. Tolerate messy, confusing and uncertain states seeing that they are needed for creativity
  2. Question and challenge systems and repetitive processes that are accepted as the norm. WHY do we have to fill in that Form if it appears to have no direct relevance to what we are about?
  3. Encourage wider and more in-depth communication with teams/individuals that previously we have kept away from. What gems and nuggets of information could we pick up that might give us a new perspective?
  4. Encourage alternative points of view. Be challenging yourself and throw in the occasional hand grenade to spice debate up a bit!
  5. Generate a culture and a style where staff are not afraid to take a few risks, make some mistakes and fail occasionally. All of these are good as long as learning comes from it.
  6. Give some simple but broad ground rules so that staff can get a feel for just how much experimentation/creativity/chaos will be comfortable for all concerned.

The most productive, and exciting, organisations tread a path between creativity and innovation on the one hand and tradition and reliable performance on the other. What unites them is some degree of small-scale chaos to bring out the best in people.

Good Luck!

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