Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs Part One

Steve Jobs was an excellent presenter with a range of skills to engage and entice his audience. Consider the following Tips used by Steve Jobs in all of his communications.

Create the story

  1. Plan in analog – give examples and make comparisons to illustrate your message
  2. Answer the one question that matters the most
  3. Develop a clear sense of purpose
  4. Create Twitter-like headlines to grab your audience
  5. Draw out a road map for people to follow
  6. Introduce the antagonist – the person or thing that is creating the problem
  7. Reveal the conquering hero – the person who will resolve the issue or the solution you are proposing?

In getting ready for your Presentation the more time that you spend in the planning and preparation the more likely it is that it will go well.

Always remember that failing to prepare = prepare to fail!

Good Luck!