The Four Cornerstones To Sell Your Product Or Service

How can you get sales consistently and of good quality and, critically, how can you then develop and exploit that link for maximum advantage?

  1. Benefits – always lead in with the benefits that your product or service gives the customer. This will mean that you have to fully research what the competition are offering and how your delivery not only matches, but comfortably beats, their delivery. On as many,if not all, levels.
  2. Third Party Validation. You may well have an excellent product that gives real competitive advantage but nothing helps more than a well-known, reliable customer validation your service to a new prospect. Seek such validations out, harness them and use them for maximum advantage. This should make the selling task relatively simple to achieve once the prospect sees a strong validation.
  3. Professional Image. If you look untidy, have half of the garden on your shoes, your suit looks old and tired and your briefcase has seen better days there is only one lasting image the prospect will remember, something you cannot later change. Similarly if your sales literature is drab, poorly presented and is not clean, crisp and professionally designed you are loosing sales before you even meet the prospect!
  4. Give Consistent, Clear Messages. Nobody likes waffle, uncertainty or vagueness – this is the playground of losers and poor performers. Always ensure the message is direct, certain and that it does not change.

Good Luck!