Odd Sports

Forget the traditional idea of football, cricket, rugby football, tennis and a whole host of athletics disciplines: why not consider the following alternatives for generating some adrenalin and some crowd participation!

Wife Carrying – this sport comes from Finland is based upon a nineteenth century legend of stealing wives from neighbouring villages.  It is a professional sport in the USA and the rules of the sport state that you do not have to carry your own wife but that they should be a minimum of 17 years of age and 48kg in weight. Be aware, however, that dropping your “wife” incurs a 15 second penalty! Try the “Estonian” carrying technique for maximum impact!

Dwarf Throwing – the pinnacle of the sport is the World Dwarf Tossing Championships but the events are banned in France, Canada and parts of the USA.

Other Odd Sports include the World Mobile Phone Throwing Championships, the World Sauna Championships and David Blaine’s “Urban” Golf from 2003.

Who said that sport was dull?