Managerial Influencing Strategies

Each of the strategies below offers an option that you could use to develop and increase your Influencing Skills in a variety of situations.

1 – The Inspirational

This is a pull technique. It is all about painting an exciting vision and generating a sense of excitement in others. People will positively want to be a part of your team / group. It’s also about focusing people on the needs of the team, by appealing to their values and aspirations.

It is most appropriate for people who are in a team leadership role and, on the whole, people who are described as inspirational and motivational will be adept at using this particular influencing style.

2- The Personal

This too is a pull technique. It really focuses on the individual. Being influenced in this way tends to make people feel valued and valuable, because they have been listened to, their ideas have been understood and the other person has opened up to them. It creates loyalty and trust in a team, and a spirit of selflessness and sacrifice. This influencing technique can be used in all directions – with your boss, your team and your peers – and it increases commitment to tasks.

3 – The Logical

This is a push technique. It involves doing your homework, having all the facts and figures at your fingertips, and being prepared to argue your corner – no matter how heated the debate becomes. This is a rational rather than an emotional style of influence. It is appropriate in situations where it is important to have a watertight case – where it is vital to assess the costs and benefits, and to be able to back up your argument cogently. The slight down-side is that people know they are being persuaded and can feel resentful. Used appropriately, however, the logical technique can be used to influence in any direction, but is particularly effective with your boss, or with colleagues over whom you have no direct authority. The reason for this is that the arguments are often so compelling that the risks seem minimised, the rewards tangible and the whole case is clear. It is also useful to bear in mind when you are dealing with very logical and/or risk averse people.

4 – The Forceful

Again, this is a push technique – the carrot and stick were made for this individual ! The technique involves stating clearly what is expected from people, rewarding them for success and, of course, punishing them for failures. Achieving goals is very important and so the individual will not be averse to calling in favours or applying pressure – anything to get the job done. This technique does not work well with anyone over whom you have no direct control. Being a push style, it can feel pretty uncomfortable to be on the receiving end. However, a low score in this column could mean that you are not being clear to others about what constitutes acceptable standards. If you are in a leadership situation (formal or informal) it could mean that you are not giving your team the feedback they need – both good and bad.

The Reality

In the real world, things are not so clear cut, and you may need a blend of different styles to achieve your aims, depending on who you are trying to influence.

Try them out in different situations and develop your own, personal style.

Good Luck!

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