How To Be A Mindful Manager

We often take on-board things around us and describe ourselves as being a “good listener” but this is only part of the situation. To become an effective manager we all need to be far better at thinking about how we relate and interact with all of those we come into contact with, both inside and outside work.

Consider the following issues to apply to yourself.

  1. Here. Now. Focus on your breath and give full attention to the task. Avoid any attempt to multi-task and losing your focus.
  2. Take regular Mindful breaks. With deep breaths be aware of your surroundings and then let your thoughts come and go without judgement.
  3. Use Mindful post-its. Use them to record a daily commitment that you will achieve and then consciously pause and consider how and when this task will be complete. Place around your desk so that you maintain focus and application.
  4. Use a pre-meeting Mindful stretch. Relax your body and use deep breaths to get you into a focused state ahead of the meeting. Being relaxed and with a clear path through the meeting will pay big dividends.
  5. Use Mindful Listening techniques. Really listen to what is being said. Give your full attention to the moment and listen intently to the hidden messages in the communication.

Good Luck!

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