A Simple Organisational Performance Assessment

There are many different, complex means by which to make judgments on the effectiveness and efficiency of a system. What is often very useful is to have a simple, easy to remember and meaningful template that we can use when away from our computer and which can be a framework for our thoughts and ideas on how to move things forward.

The following is a good, flexible model to gather thoughts for on-going refinement and further development.

  1. Financial Awareness – where can we gain greater economies of scale, reduce costs and lever-in greater value? Simple, on-the-move ideas can be collected and stored here for further analysis when back in the Office.
  2. Internal Business Processes – what processes actually work and which appear to do little, or even worse, actually get in the way of doing the “RIGHT” thing? What are the success rates of our products and services and which are we continually or regularly having to correct when the customer complains?
  3. Learning and Growth – what new technology might be available to help us? If nothing springs to mind what are our big problems and what might suppliers be able to do to ease that pain and discomfort? Are we getting a good return for our investment in R & D or is it just a black hole?
  4. Customers – how loyal are they and how close are they to wandering off into the arms of our competitors? Are they loyal and true, relatively loyal, here just for the moment, about to jump-ship or already gone? How are we categorising our customers and what are we doing to both retain our current batch but also to recruit fresh buyers?

Use the 4 points above when travelling, during down-time both inside and away from the Office or whenever you have a quiet moment.

Good Luck!

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