Gift 2Management is not all about taking from staff (their labour, commitment, time and passion): it is all about giving (to the organisation, its mission and to your staff or Team).

Consider the following areas and see how you can practice this philosophy.

  1. Give people a sense of importance 
    Put simply this builds trust in the Team and makes people feel good about the work that they do. Looking objectively at this how can you give people that little bit of responsibility and accountability that shows just how much they are valued?
  2. Give positive feedback – avoid the criticism!
    Always be genuine in the feedback that you provide but wherever possible look for positive feedback and judgements. Does what you say strike a chord in the recipient and do they move forward in a more positive and passionate manner?
  3. Promote individual visibility
    Recognising individuals for excellent pieces of work should be a tool in every manager’s repertoire. This can and should be accompanied by providing mentoring opportunities for more junior staff to get vital work experience and to develop their skills for the future. Always trumpet success so that staff can grow in stature and recognition. Gives this gift wisely and carefully and most definitely wisely!
  4. Forgive and forget
    Bearing a grudge is a heavy weight – be generous enough to let this go and allow the other party to be free of any on-going resentment or emotional baggage.
  5. Be encouraging
    Look around you and pick someone who needs encouragement, and resolve to give them that. Consider that some people have never received encouragement in their life – not from teachers, not from bosses, not even from parents.
  6. Provide opportunity
    Giving someone a chance to develop a new skill or to have a new experience is a very noble thing to do. Look around you – can you see someone who would benefit from this approach but, as yet, has not had the chance? What doors can you open for them?
  7. Donate with enthusiasm your knowledge and experience
    You have key knowledge, expertise and best practice that you are able to share with others – this is a quick way in which to bring on their skills and known as a generous and open-minded leader who always wanted the very best for your staff.
  8. Provide unswerving moral support
    Staff, when faced with a new task, will always be a little apprehensive, despite their protestations that they are confident and that all will go well. Help them out with a few, well-chosen supportive words that will carry them through and make the task a little less daunting.


Being generous and gaining recognition as a good, open and giving manager is not an easy process – this requires skill, passion and a commitment to bring out the very best in your staff. Once mastered, giving will make you a stronger and better leader.


Good Luck!

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