Work takes up around 1/3 of our waking hours – probably a lot more for some of us. So, with that in mind, what can be done to make the working environment that little bit more stimulating and refreshing? Nobody would choose to work in a grey box with anonymous surroundings, drab furniture and magnolia trappings would they?

So what can be done?

  • CULTURE – company culture has a big role to play here so do the values of the organisation reflect the working environment? There is no need to install a slide, table tennis facilities or a hot tub BUT the feel of the organisation should be visible and credible. Dour Accountants have an office that reflects, well, dourness whereas creative organisations spend time looking at décor, furnishings the more “fun” aspects of the working space. What can you do with your working environment?
  • BE CARING – exercise a sympathetic patient management style which then rubs off into a warm and comfortable place to be. A happy workplace is a productive workplace.
  • TEAMWORK – work may be a lot of different things to different people but it is always a social event, even in the most Dickensian workplace! Create space to stimulate group activity, teamwork and collaboration – this will dramatically improve the ambiance and atmosphere amongst the numerous spider plants and Yucca already present in the office.
  • DEVELOPMENT – provide regular opportunities for community volunteering and personal/vocational development – we are never happy with the skills our staff have so what belter remedy than to develop these and also increase job satisfaction, employer loyalty and workplace “buzz”.

Good Luck!

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