The end of the calendar year is a great time to get Appraisals done: we all want to start 2016 with a fresh, clean slate and many organisations take the opportunity to draw the year to a close with the final Appraisal push.

Following these basic rules will make the process run smoothly and leave both sides content with the process and outcome.

  1. Make sure all of the preliminaries have been completed: has the employee done their self-evaluation, do they have a copy of their current job description and are they fully aware of their goals and objectives?
  2. Discuss, carefully and systematically, their progress during the year towards those goals: give an objective and evaluative assessment of their competences in reaching the goals set. Always make sure that the employee is comfortable with talking about their achievements but also what they found difficult, frustrating and what has caused them to perhaps fall short of their targets.
  3. Highlight achievement of targets: have all of the goals set been achieved? Discuss as needed missing targets/objectives/goals and discuss any reasons for this shortfall.
  4. Set objectives for the next reporting period: finalise and agree objectives framed within a realistic and fair timeframe.
  5. Discuss the employee’s future: discuss professional career goals, their development needs and how these can be addressed through training and development opportunities.
  6. Summarise: summarise what has been concluded and agreed, making sure that any follow-up tasks and issues are given a timeframe as required.

Good Luck!

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