Some Simple Do’s and Don’ts Of Management

Some Simple Do’s and Don’ts Of Management


  • Keep the big picture in mind – have a sound strategic mind-set and know the business really well
  • Be consistent in your behaviour – people need, and like, predictability. If people know what to expect from you they are never surprised and always ready
  • Treat your staff’s time as if it is as important as your time –be timely and efficient as if you were dealing with your manager
  • Not be afraid to question, really question, your own management – be an independent thinker that continually asks why things are done in the way that they are. Is there a better way? Always!
  • Earn the trust of your staff – be credible, honest and deliver what you say that you will deliver


  • Get intoxicated by the position that you have – power is too easy to abuse because you just can do things and make important decisions. The power that comes from your role is a privilege, not a right
  • Use and exploit favourites – we all like working with some people more than others but never let this cloud your judgement
  • Do anything without preparing for it first – good decisions, in whatever context, are always rational, logical and well-considered. They are never rushed, ill-considered or made on the basis of anger or angst
  • Get into conflict unless there is a very good reason for this – most managerial problems are the direct result of inappropriate conflict strategies so develop an strong diplomatic style that gets the best from people but which also minimises conflict
  • Be threatened by the skills and attributes of your staff – embrace this and use it to good effect. Management is all about accomplishing things through the work of others – NOT your own work

Good Luck!

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