What BAD feedback feels and looks like

When we complete a task or an assigned piece of work we can expect to get some feedback on what we have produced – this keeps us focused and motivated.

If we do not come up to scratch then the very least we can expect is some constructive feedback – what can happen is that we are on the receiving end of very poor feedback.

Typically poor feedback has the following features and is;

  • Unfair – the feedback has not taken account of he effort put into the task nor the product generated
  • Inaccurate – comments are not linked to the material or are simply incorrect
  • Vague – comments contain no specifics or measurable responses
  • Disorganised – has the reader actually considered what is in your material and have they thought about its contents?
  • Problem-orientated – too much criticism of the content ans style and no reflection on any recommendations that you have made?
  • Focused on personality, not behaviour – the feedback is all about your skills and approach to the task set and nothing about the outcomes and recommendations that you have produced to improve the situation.

Always make sure that if you are giving feedback on performance, regardless of the task, that it is measured and balanced.

If you are receiving feedback and you feel it is unfair then you should always challenge this, no matter how difficult or awkward this might seem. If you do not challenge this it is very likely that this will be seen as acceptable behaviour by your manager and it will continue, making a de-motivating experience likely to continue.

Good Luck!

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