Five Truly Horrific Recruitment Mistakes

Recruitment need not be hard or difficult yet you would be amazed how many organisations fail to get it right and end up counting huge costs in terms of either appointing no-one or appointing an absolute wrong-in-every-sense-candidate.

Organisations with a firm grasp on reality and with sensible recruitment policies rarely get it wrong.

Try not to fall into the five bear-traps below.

  1. Designing Impossible Roles

The first big recruiting problem starts at the job creation stage. Here Managers make a job role so full that even the most suitable and experienced candidate would really struggle to accomplish half of the duties expected.

Magical beings from an alternate universe do not exist so be very, very realistic in how you frame the job and its tasks.

  1. Writing ridiculous Job Specifications

Make the contents of this again as realistic as possible. Never just put content in for the sake of content. Some organisations will scan the content of Job specifications from their competitors and include everything, and more, that the competition requires. Madness!

  1. Paying Way Too Little

It is a falsehood that prospective employees do not shop around and compare what employers are offering. It is also falsehood that the world economy has not moved on and developed since 2009 so paying low wages makes it an even harder scramble to source and retain the best talent. Pay peanuts, get monkeys as the saying goes!

Do not be surprised and upset when paying less than the competition brings you poor, or no, applicants.

  1. Making it hard for applicants to actually apply

This sounds very obvious but how user-friendly are the screening processes that you use?

If you want to hire great people always walk through the process yourself – do you need to have the Application Form set out that way? Is doing a presentation to the panel the best way of measuring the skills of an applicant who will be the Head of Finance who will never be called upon to do a presentation again to anyone?

  1. Poor, really poor recruiting Practices

If you like the look of an applicant invite them to an interview as soon as you can. If they then look the part and you are happy make an offer quickly and effectively. NEVER dawdle while your talented chosen one then gets a job elsewhere. No applicant is going to wait around for weeks on end to see if they get any communication from you – they will quickly move on and get the job they want elsewhere.

Unless you work in a very specialist line of work in today’s employment market there is no talent shortage — there are only confused and deluded managers who hope against hope that someone amazing will show up as if by magic.

Good Luck!

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