Manager, Leader or Entrepreneur – Which One Are You?

Time for a quick bit of self-analysis and reflection. Look at the Titles and their descriptions and consider which one best suits your approach and style and ultimately which one you want to be (if you are not there already).

Manager – has a focus upon Complexity. Skills and focus include planning, organising, co-ordination, control and with a clear direction to optimise resources.

Leader – has a focus upon Change. Skills and focus include setting the direction for the organisation, aligning and motivating people to give of their best.

Entrepreneur – has a focus upon Opportunities. Skills and focus include identification of new ideas and approaches, innovation and has a clear sense of the need to create value.

Anyone can be all three roles whether working in an organisation or working for yourself and the roles are interchangeable depending upon the circumstances you find yourself in at any one time.

Be flexible and rotate your view/stance frequently and with passion!

Good Luck!

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