Deciphering Management Speak

Management speaks Mandarin. Or is it Urdu. Maybe New York Street-speak.

Whatever it is and however it is put savvy and clued-up staff know how to extract the meaning from the words.

Have a look at the table below and see if the contents resonate with your experiences of Management Speak.

Management Says What It Actually Means
That’s very interesting I disagree
I don’t disagree I disagree
I don’t totally disagree You may be right but I don’t care
You’ve obviously put a lot of work into this This is rubbish
In a perfect world Just get it working and get it out of the door
We have to leverage our resources Get used to working every weekend
Individual contributor Employee who does real work
I like your buy-in on this I want someone to blame when this goes wrong
We need to syndicate this decision We need to spread the blame when this goes wrong
We have to put on our marketing hats Forget ethics just get it sold
I’m glad you asked me that PR have written a good cover story for that
I see you involved your peers in developing your proposal One person could not have come up with this stupid idea alone
I will never lie to you The truth will change frequently
Human Resources A bulk commodity of now value, like tea bags and paperclips

So the next time you have a “chat” with management think carefully about what is said but focus on what is really said!

Good Luck!