Skills Spot – Growing Your Business

What are the basic “must-do” building blocks in planning and then delivering a profitable business?

  • Stay resilient and stay ahead of the curve within your chosen sector or field of expertise.
  • Fully understand how your customers behave and what they are looking for. Get into their minds to see exactly what they will be wanting next.
  • Be VERY watchful of new innovations in your market.
  • Providing an excellent customer experience at all times.
  • Invest heavily in customer care – customers are hard to recruit and easily lost. It is far easier to recycle existing customers rather than finding new ones!
  • Differentiate yourself and your Offer from your competition – what can you do differently, cheaper and to a better standard?
  • Surround yourself with talented people
  • Always recruit people who are better than you to keep raising your standards.
  • Have a strong vision and good teamwork.
  • Design a good product or service BUT long-term businesses know how to adapt and improve that initial vision.
  • Communicate your message well, be confident and commit to your product or service.
  • Persevere!

Good Luck!