Skills Spot – Development Conversations

Getting the most from your staff and putting their skills to the most effective use are key aspects of successful management.

So what are the basic “must-do” rules for having that all-important conversation?

  • Schedule plenty of time and identify a suitable location to meet. Never be tempted to squeeze the conversation in with something else. Above all make sure there will be no annoying distractions.
  • Try as far as possible to =be informal. Always ensure that the discussion is a two-way process with a full exchange of views. Use active listening techniques and make sure that you understand their aims and aspirations.
  • Use coaching techniques if necessary to find out where an individual feels that they need development.
  • Always be sensitive about talking around shortcomings or performance gaps.
  • Manage their expectations. If the desired development opportunities are not available for them be clear on this and explain why. Always make a clear link between training and development and the needs of the business.
  • Ask them about their preferred styles of learning and development.

Good Luck!