Skills Spot – Asking For Development Opportunities At Work

To get the training and development that YOU want you have to be prepared to talk in specifics about what is driving you on and what the impact of the expenditure will be for you and your organisation.

Develop your request around the following points.

  1. Be specific. Tell your employer what sort of skills you will acquire and how these skills will help you in your day-to-day working life and how they will benefit the team and the wider organisation.
  2. Do your research and go to the meeting fully prepared. Look carefully at the courses that are available, who runs them, when and where and at what cost. Always make it easy for your manager by doing the job for them and again outline the benefits for the wider organisation. If you attend the training can you come back with these skills and knowledge and be prepared to be an in-house trainer which would actually save money in the long-run?
  3. Choose your moment carefully. Wait until it is Review time and never jump on your boss and surprise them with an excited and busy pitch! If you wait until the time is right they will be more receptive to your idea and will be prepared to give it some serious thought.

Good Luck!