Skills Spot – How To Handle Problems And Dilemmas

Skills Spot – How To Handle Problems And Dilemmas

Problems come along all of the time – if there were no problems to face arguably there would be little stimulation and interest in our working and non-working lives. It can seem that we have too many problems but if we look carefully and systematically at them there are strategies we can adopt to better manage them when they arrive.

  • Are there “trigger” situations? Certain situations just attract problems like recruitment, disciplining staff, deciding on who gets promoted. By recognising when these situations are coming up you can make the right decisions when and if something actually happens.
  • Prepare in advance Putting yourself in imaginary situations can help you work through your feelings and decide what you would do if the situation occurred. In real life, you may have only seconds to reach a decision. For much of the time you cannot imagine every possible ethical dilemma or problem you might face but this approach will help you get to know your values, and it can prepare you for the decisions you may have to make.
  • Listen to your “inner voice”Your conscience often tells you that something is not  right, even if this is just a feeling of uneasiness with something. If you face a situation that makes you uncomfortable, or goes against one of your core values or beliefs, then make sure that you stop and think things through rationally.
  • Re-evaluate your decision before you actconsider how the decision you are about to make was splashed across the Internet or Internal Newsletter could you live with the outcome? Would you be proud of what you did? If not, then reconsider your decision.

Good Luck!

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