Skills Spot – Designing An Effective Website

The Web is a very crowded place and getting your message across, whatever it is, is a little like shouting to be heard above the noise and power of a football crowd of 65,000 on a Saturday afternoon.

It is not an easy task and you have to have a site that grabs attention and critically that is easy for your buyer to move through. Always remember buyers are impatient people; if I go into a shop or cafe and I get no service within a reasonable amount of time I will walk out. The same applies for web purchasing patterns!

So, what are the basic “must-do” building blocks in planning a good, profitable site?

  • The design should be ALL ABOUT the user experience
  • Knowing who the users of the site will be (the different client groups e.g. for a Bar or Restaurant are the customers social drinkers, can we entice in business clients and host meetings on the premises, a venue for private functions)
  • Who are the important users likely to be?
  • What is their purpose in accessing the site?
  • How frequently will they visit the site?
  • What experience and expertise do they have?
  • What nationality are they? Can they read English?
  • What type of information are they looking for?
  • How will they want to use the information? Will they read it on screen, download it, etc?
  • What type of browsers will they use?
  • How large a screen/window will they use?
  • Can we introduce Expert Reviews into the site to sell the message?
  • If possible ask a professional web designer to check out the  usability of the site
  • Thoroughly and regularly test out the functionality of the site’s features
  • Effectiveness- Can users complete their tasks correctly and completely?
  • Productivity (Efficiency) – Are tasks completed in an acceptable length of time?
  • Satisfaction: are users satisfied with the interaction?

A higher listing in the search rankings can be generated through proper structuring of information which in turn brings more site traffic and business.

Good Luck!