Skills Spot – Getting Organisational Culture Right

Skills Spot – Getting Organisational Culture Right

Effective, efficient and productive organisations always share one common feature, regardless of the nature of their products or services. They have invested time, effort and often pain in ensuring that all staff support the organisational Mission and Values which then brings competitive advantage and business success.

However this is not plain sailing. In 2015, Booz & Company ( released a study into culture within organisations, the highlights of which are:

  • 84% of respondents believed that their organisation’s culture is critical to business success.
  • 60% said culture is more important than the company’s strategy or operating model.
  • 96% said some form of culture change is needed within their organisation.
  • 51% believe their organisation is in need of a major culture overhaul.
  • 45% do not think their culture is being effectively managed.
  • 48% do not think they have the capabilities required to deliver lasting change.
  • At 57%, scepticism due to past failed efforts was the greatest reason for resistance to change.

Taking the issue of Company Culture seriously brings with it advantage, success and business growth.

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