Performance Appraisal How To Identify A Good Team Player

We all want our team members to make an impact and be a valued asset but what things make Mr or Miss Average become Mr or Miss Amazing?

Do They Use All Of Their Strengths?

Good Team members have found their niche and burrow away at that particular skill. They are highly organised and have specific skillsets or knowledge BUT they know enough about general working that they still make a contribution outside their specific expert area.

Are They Reliable?

We have probably all worked with people who have made promises they failed to keep. It is very frustrating when someone says one thing and does another which then makes achieving the Goal for the whole team that much harder!

Solid Team members deliver on what they said they would do and on time – they always follow through on what they promise to deliver and if they commit to delivering their Report by 17.30 it is always ready and delivered for 17.30.

They deliver high standards consistently and can be depended upon to produce quality output.

Are They Good Communicators?

Good, valued Team members are always involved and active within the group. They exhibit the priceless skills of staying positive and respectful even if they disagree with what is being said or being done. They portray a strong image through being objective and fair.

Are They Flexible?

The workload of a typical Team can change dramatically and quickly with its members having little influence on how things go and the outputs needed. The best Team players know how to be flexible. They do not fight change as they see it as a new opportunity for growth.

By remaining comfortable and positive in a constantly changing environment is an important business skill.