What Should An Effective Team or Group Look Like?

What Should An Effective Team or Group Look Like?

  1. All group members work toward the building of a “learning team.” This becomes the “shared vision.” A learning team constantly works to have good group process which they believe leads to maximised learning for each and every group member.
  2. Everyone feels and takes responsibility for the group’s success.
  3. The group sees a relationship between their work and rewards.
  4. The group knows and uses good group process behaviours. This includes the following;
  • Learning, developing and practicing specific roles.
  • Learning to deal with conflict and developing quality and reliable communication skills
  • Asking for clarification instead of letting discussion go on.
  • Not pre-judging each other.
  • Valuing individual differences in the team or group.
  • There is a focus on both content and group process with the team staying focused and operating systematically.
  • They work for collaboration and develop strong interpersonal relationships.
  • They openly discuss their disagreements and different points of view knowing there is a “safe” atmosphere in which to do this.
  • They sense when things are not going well and make efforts to self-correct. ƒ

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