Skills Spot – Setting Meeting Ground Rules

  • Everyone arrives on time.
  • Everyone prepares for each and every session.
  • We test assumptions and inferences regarding what individuals explain/share
  • Individuals share what they know or think they know – no holding back information for purpose of being “one-up” on others.
  • We practice courteous communication behaviours.
  • We show respect for each other.
  • No negative comments regarding other thoughts/opinions, especially with regard to expressed values.
  • We share all relevant information that makes the group a better group.
  • We value differences
  • Argue for a point based on it being for the overall good of the group; not for self-serving interests.
  • Be specific – use examples.
  • Give references/resources when giving explanations of content.
  • Disagree openly with any group member, but in an agreeable manner.
  • Give reasons for disagreement, questions, and statements (e.g. I am questioning whether or not that explanation is correct because it just doesn’t make logical sense to me.)
  • Make statements, then invite questions and answers (e.g. I believe that in the situation we find ourselves in the most important thing we can do is …., Do others feel differently?
  • Be willing to accept the possibility that the information you are giving could be inaccurate and/or incomplete.
  • Keep the discussion focused.
  • Do not take cheap shots or otherwise distract the group.
  • All members participate.
  • Make decisions by consensus.
  • Avoid group think.
  • Do self and group critiques.

Constantly refining and developing these points will sharpen your skills in running effective, efficient and above all else, productive Meetings.

Good Luck!

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