Using Reflective Phrases In Reports And Personal Journals

Using Reflective Phrases In Reports And Personal Journals

Having a range of “starter phrases” that you can call upon when writing a reflective piece of work, for whoever the audience and whatever the subject, makes beginning the whole process that much easier and gives you a framework from which to put down what you need to say.

To fully explore the experience that you have had try the following phrases;

  • In this experience I found that the most significant issue that arose was ………
  • Personally, I feel that I benefitted most from …….
  • At the time, I felt that ………………
  • I feel this situation arose because of ………….
  • Initially I did not see the benefit of sing method x; however this experience has taught me that ………………………
  • Having explored this issue further I have learned to consider the importance of X which I intend to use in similar scenarios in the future
  • From this experience I have learned that (……) which I feel will be invaluable in similar situations.
  • This experience has highlighted that I need to develop my skills in X. To address this I intend to ……..

Good Luck!

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