Skills Spot – How To Overcome Meeting And Networking Nerves

Fear of making the first step in contacting a potential sales lead or initiating a new contact can be a terrifying experience especially if you are new to the organisation or if you are a little reluctant to get into the limelight at a meeting or social event.

This is often an internal, emotional barrier that limits personal success and is caused by several different thought processes including;

  • Fear of risk taking
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Fear of rejection

Regardless of the causes of these concerns and nerves this can be overcome through systematic use of the following steps;

  • Be optimistic about the outcome of the initial approach; far better to think, visualise and anticipate success rather than expecting rejection and refusal. Focus here on the added value that you and your expertise will bring to the event and how this will stand you on good stead for future working.
  • Practice your approach before making the initial contact; time spent rehearsing your approach is time well invested. This will increase your self-confidence and reduces the possibility of handling the situation badly It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about new and challenging meetings and social networking events – veteran actors always get “stage fright” no matter how many times they go on stage and seasoned sales professionals also experience nerves and issues of self-doubt.
  • Develop a deep commitment to your goals; make sure that you are committed to your goals in both head and heart as being committed only in your head will increase your chances of failure.

Good Luck!

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