Skill Spot – How To Run Effective Work Groups

  • Focus on the development and accomplishment of common goals and purposes.
  • Expect participation of all – this needs to come from a clear sense that everyone has something positive to offer the group and the objectives of the team.
  • Focus on behavioural rather than personality changes.
  • Focus on impact of behaviours rather than intent.
  • Allow, encourage and expect members to discuss differences that impede full participation.
  • Support the efforts of people to establish reasonable boundaries with colleagues.
  • Avoid power or authority as a means of resolving group problems.
  • Realise that square pegs can fit into round holes… but only for so long.
  • Do not shoot messengers.
  • Understand that all people, regardless of how high their position, feel vulnerable.
  • Understand and accept that while group members have a right to ask for what they need, they will not always get it.
  • Understand that conflict which has been suppressed, concealed, or avoided is likely to be destructive.
  • Recognise that in conflict there is opportunity to enhance relationships.

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