How To Develop A Winning Mind-set.

Many times the difference between those who succeed in business and those that fail is down to the state of mind of the winner.

So what are the key features of developing that winning, successful approach?

  1. Expectation Impacts Results; having an expectation that things will go well for you helps make this happen as thinking negatively has an impact upon everything that you do. This is seen in the words that you use, the hesitation in your voice, your confidence and your body language.
  2. Confident And Definite; never be vague or uncertain when faced with a request or a challenge from a client as this will be seen as weakness. Be confident and assured in that you know that you can help them and that you will be able to offer solutions to the challenges they are facing.
  3. Respond Never React; respond to challenges in a way that increases your effectiveness and always avoid the classic over-reaction as this puts you in a negative light. Successful people always take a step back, review the situation, consider all of the evidence and make a logical and rational response.
  4. You Can’t Fail; failure is within your own control as you only fail when you abandon your original goal. If you can achieve your goal in a different way on a different day then you have not filed.
  5. Can’t or Won’t; 99% of the things we say we can’t do are actually things we won’t do. Reframe your approach and reduce this down.
  6. Should Or Could Have? When you come out of a situation that did not go the way you wanted it to focus on what did go well. Never focus on the failure of the situation
  7. Ask Better Questions; when things get more complicated than expected or where the position develops in a way that you had not expected do not fall into the trap of getting frustrated. Ask searching questions to find a new way out of the issue or to chart a new path. Ideas will flow if you allow your mind to work.
  8. End Result Or Process? Looking at the end result is the starting point and then good managers work backwards from that point. Avoid, at all costs, a focus on process. If I know how good it will feel to complete the Project this will spur me on but thinking about how difficult it will be to accomplish it will never be a motivation factor.

Apply them all and Good Luck.

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