Why Staff Leave And Organisations Fail

Keeping precious HR talent in a highly competitive marketplace is often the difference between business success and business failure.

How many times have you heard the following in your workplace as either a general moan or the specific reason someone has voted with their feet?

The wall does not exist here – I’m flogging myself to death and nobody notices.”

“Majority of the management staff has little idea or focus on creating a team.”

“There is not a truly functional infrastructure.”

“The tone of voice people used was belittling and self-righteous.”

“I was asked to complete really inappropriate tasks.”

“Instructions were not clear, everything was a guessing game, and I was immediately set up to fail.”

“I’ve seen decisions being made by Interns.”

“The drama.”

“You can never really leave work, even when you’re on vacation.”

“Ungodly amounts of email from all sources.”

Makes you think – how many have you said either openly or to yourself?