What To Look For When Recruiting Staff

What To Look For When Recruiting Staff

The art of recruitment is littered with many expensive mistakes and fatal errors in deciding just who, from the assembled throng, should get the prize on offer – the job.

A useful start would be possibly looking at the five Traits below and applying their descriptors to the task in hand to unearth the next Richard Branson or Bill Gates or Barak Obama or Vladimir Putin!

Openness (indicated through an assessment of the candidate’s intellect or imagination). Look for creativity, and the desire for knowledge and new experiences.

Conscientiousness – look for examples and indicators of being organised and thorough with clear indicators around the ability to make plans and follow them through.

Extraversion/Introversion – This is a measure of the candidate’s sociability. Are they outgoing or quiet? Will they draw energy from a crowd or will they be uncomfortable working and being around others?

Agreeableness – How friendly are they likely to be towards others? Do they show signs of empathy and will they sympathise with those around them?

Natural Reactions – Are they emotionally stable? Will they react negatively to bad news and start a visual and strong emotional response or are they more likely to react calmly and internalise much of their initial reaction? Are they obsessed with small details rather than looking at the bigger picture?

Whilst this framework is not perfect, and certain roles demand quite different attributes from successful candidates, it does give a pragmatic framework upon which to assist in the recruitment process.

Good Luck!

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