What Is Shaping The Future Of E-recruitment?

The future of recruiting depends on the future of technology.

People, without admitting it, hang on for dear life as technology progresses. Some recruiters will always cling to the old, allegedly proven and traditional methods of filling vacancies whilst the forward-thinking organisations fully embrace E-recruitment and reap the benefits of getting the best candidates.

So what is shaping E-recruitment?

  1. Big Data

In the future, hard data will inform hiring decisions. Gut feelings and personality fit will always play key roles in recruiting (for better or worse), but data will help recruiters quantify many of the decision-making factors (previously left to opinions and group-think).

  1. Mobile Recruiting

Recruiting will soon be right in the mobile mix. If applicants cannot find your job on their smartphones or tablets they will never find the time to search for it on the Lap Top or Desk computer. This is all about immediacy now!

Some applicants may keep looking but those ultra-talented passive candidates probably will not spare the time or the trouble. To get top talent in your organization you need to lower – or remove – barriers between the organization and them. The best route here is to develop your own mobile application.

  1. Relationships

Recruiting across social media has taken HR by storm and the storm is only beginning.

Social networks will still be very important BUT this will change and modify as will the rise of the mobile application.

As social media platforms become ever more saturated, until they reach super-saturation levels where the noise of the crowd deafens out everyone, the recruiter has to be able to stand out from the crowd. Being recognized – standing out – creates value and develops and maintains relationships across networks.

In a world where staff now provide the cutting edge between successful and mediocre or failing organisations, E-recruitment is the best means by which to secure the talent organisations need.

Good Luck!