Why The Group And Its Issues Are Critically Important For Managers

Your responsibilities as a Manager for the group should be the following;

  • establish, agree and communicate standards of performance and behaviour
  • establish style, culture, approach of the group – soft skill elements
  • monitor and maintain discipline, ethics, integrity and focus on objectives
  • anticipate and resolve group conflict, struggles or disagreements
  • assess and change as necessary the balance and composition of the group
  • develop team-working, cooperation, morale and team-spirit
  • develop the collective maturity and capability of the group – progressively increase group freedom and authority
  • encourage the team towards objectives and aims – motivate the group and provide a collective sense of purpose
  • identify, develop and agree team- and project-leadership roles within group
  • enable, facilitate and ensure effective internal and external group communications
  • identify and meet group training needs
  • give feedback to the group on overall progress; consult with, and seek feedback and input from the group