Skill Spotlight – How To Be An Excellent Motivator

Motivation is a personal matter for each individual. The level of an individual’s motivation will be influenced by a wide range of factors inside and outside of work. However there are a number of ways you can help motivate the people you manage and supervise. There are also a number of ways that poor management behaviour and actions can significantly demotivate people.

Begin by implementing and refining the points below;

  • Provide Strong Leadership; strong leadership is about being enthusiastic about the work you and your team does, about describing clearly what you expect of people and what you want to achieve.
  • Communicate and consult regularly with staff. Do you talk to your team frequently about work and progress? Would your team say you consult with them regularly on important matters?
  • Allow colleagues to learn from mistakes without blame. Do you have a team culture where mistakes are used to improve performance next time and where people feel safe to talk to their manager about a mistake they have made?
  • Empower staff through delegation and trust. Are there areas of your work that could be performed by others in your team? Are people given sufficient opportunities to demonstrate the skills they have?
  • Treat colleagues with respect, dignity and courtesy at all times. Do you and the rest of the team treat each other with respect, dignity and courtesy – even when under pressure, deadlines or when things go wrong?

Try them out and see what positive differences come from them.

Good Luck!