Why Management Gender Gets Different Results

We are all aware of the headlines regarding the differences between the sexes and how men and women deal with a whole range of issues and practical situations.

This is true of managerial decision making and style where there are clear differences in approach between the sexes.

Male managers have a tendency to rely far too heavily upon positional authority where badges and trappings of positional power come to the fore. We can immediately conjure up visions of how this might work with great attention paid to office layout, seating positions, big name plates on the office door and the importance of the parking space. Some broad sweeping generalisations here but I think you get the point.

Confession time – I am guilty of some of this too!

Female managers, on the other hand, do things very differently. Here the focus falls upon the use of persuasion and encouragement which will possibly take a lot longer than the somewhat male approach of “Do it this way, now” which may be accompanied with a “Please” thrown in for a token. When we are persuaded and encouraged we are being sold to and, very importantly, we are engaged in a process.

Take a look at your workplace and see how the different genders tackle the on-going art that is management and consider if the very broad hypothesis above applies

Happy Observing!

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