Managing Information  – The Must Should Could Model

We are all bombarded by information and data – far too much than is probably healthy for us and far too much to effectively deal with in a consistent and systematic manner.

One solution is to be brutally honest around how to prioritise the information and communication we are faced with by using the Must/Should/Could Know model of Information Priority.

Must Information; communication that is business-critical and cannot be shelved/ignored/deleted.

Should Information; not quite as white-hot as Must Information but things that will probably become Must Information in the near future.

Could Information; the lowest level of priority, probably more interesting, informative and exciting than the others and probably the most interesting of all. Focus on these when there is literally nothing else to do (which is probably never!).

If you produce a table that shows what fits into each section you can then critically assess your findings – and make some sensible decisions about how to move forward.

Are you at ease with the content of each section and if not what actions would you need to take to remedy any shortfalls?

Priority Zone Content and critical assessment Action needed to remedy
Must · ·
Should · ·
Could · ·

Good Luck!

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