How To Build Happiness Into Your Life

To achieve more happiness and to have a better quality of life the solution lies in using and applying the principles of design thinking to bring about change that really impacts on your lifestyle.

Good design has its roots in being creative whereby things around you are improved and you leave them better than when you found them. This approach in our personal lives also helps create a more person-centred, empathetic and fair means of living and which, essentially, raises the quality of life we experience.

Modern life is badly designed and does not help us to become better, more balanced and ultimately healthier people.

Applying Design principles at a personal level might look like this;

Empathy – there is no merit in just feeling down-trodden and sorry for yourself but there is in starting to see and understand the heart of the problem. Unpick the experiences that are frustrating and cause you pain but also do the same for the things that bring you joy and happiness.

Innovate – recognise that no idea is ever a bad idea. Open your view to ideas that previously you had previously dismissed as not practical or out of reach. Develop some freestyle thinking even if the outcomes look scary!

Iterate – life-changing ideas and their application rarely appear overnight so the trick is to break the goal down into small bite-sized pieces and then assemble them as you go along. Start small and build from the ground upwards.

Develop a Prototype. Creative people play around with ideas and concepts until they find a model that works for them. Copy this approach but start by at least doing something rather than nothing. If things go wrong throw the idea – and experience – away and do something different BUT never let imperfection stop you from doing something different!

Testing – unless you test you will never know! Small steps should be rigorously analysed and assessed as you go along and then you should learn from the experience. Mistakes are good because they help you refine what it is you are after. There may be some real disasters along the way but experience will show you how to proceed.

However things work out keep challenging and probing, in small ways, possibly in big, bold ways but always, always keep the Design Principles above in mind!

Good Luck!