Five Simple Steps To Becoming A True Learning Organisation

Learning is an important Motivational Tool.

A common feature of the myriad of theories around personal motivation is the desire and drive to achieve through the process of learning and truly successful organisations have combined this personal growth factor with the drive for greater profits and better business performance.

Forward-thinking managers and organisations have successfully applied five key ideas to generate a Learning organisation for competitive advantage and for generating high-performing teams in the workplace.

The Five Key Factors are;

  • Encouraging staff to experiment and be creative without the fear of failure or reprimands
  • Encourage the use of complex, detailed and “out of the box” thinking
  • Promoting and delivering group activities and team learning
  • Publicising a shared organisational vision that everybody recognises, understands and supports
  • Using systems thinking to link together as many different Departments/sections in the organisation as possible

Apply the five concepts and be prepared for challenges and new thinking coupled with higher morale and innovation!

Good Luck!