How To Find That Magic Work Life Balance

Finding the correct balance between a hectic working life and a time for yourself and a time to relax is not easy. The key thing to remember is that we are all different and one size does definitely NOT fit all!

The optimal balance here is a personal choice and there should be a clear balance between the two parts – once one starts impacting on the other the balance is lost and must be found again.

Consider the following points;

  • Understand your own needs and what your personal balance is. Look out for shifts in this balance and be prepared to do something about that when it happens.
  • Make sure that you plan and organise well. Have a good “To Do” list and stick to it and get a sense of achievement from completing the tasks on the list. Never try to keep everything in your head as this leads to overload and more stress.
  • Use exercise and get the benefits from eliminating the negative chemicals in your system caused by stress.
  • Plan for time-out. Nobody can work relentlessly and without a break and relaxation and work on a hobby can really ease the pressure of a stressful job.
  • Make sure that you spend time with friends and family. Never take them for granted as they are a strong source of support and encouragement in both good and not-so-good times.
  • Eat healthily. Keep up your energy levels.
  • Review each day and identify what went well. Look at the positives of each day and identify -what you can learn from them which will allow you to break out of any negative feelings or emotions? Learning and reflection can be used again to boost energy for the day ahead.

Consider the above points, review and reflect on them and reapply them on a regular basis. This will then build your inner resilience to challenges and help you to minimise stress.

Good Luck!

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