The Language Of Winners Or Losers 

Aside from the complexity and subtlety of body language we rely very much on what we her in terms of dialogue and interaction with those around us.

We can learn much from the way words are spoken and the inflection and emphasis placed upon the words we use, often we hear the same words being used to convey a message to two separate people but the use of pressure and volume convey very different messages.

What underpins this is the actual CHOICE of words used.

WINNERS use words such as I Can, I Will and I Am. These words convey confidence and assurance, courage and optimism – the very words that Winners frequently use in a variety of contexts. They add to the air of confidence and certainty around Winners and draw in others to their groups.

LOSERS on the other hand use words such as Should, Would and COULD. These words convey a very different message which is one of admitting defeat, recognising that the path chosen was a poor decision or a second-best option – the very words that Losers use. They create an air of doubt and uncertainty around Losers and effectively drive away people from associating and working with them.

So what next?

Listen carefully to the words around you and see if the people using them are Winners or Losers – and then see which people you are mixing with.

Better still – listen to the words that you use and make some sensible decisions about how you project to others.

Good Luck!

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