Tackling The Monday Blues Part Two

Monday may not be the challenge that you think it is if you are prepared to look at things in a different perspective and decide to make some challenges to the dreaded day!

Try the following ideas for a refreshed and renewed way of tackling the start of the week.

  • Develop a sense for “open” problems
  • Develop a sense for important problems
  • Feed your mind
  • There are many, many potential paths to learning
  • Build up your set of skills
  • Write down your ideas
  • Choose the right problem to tackle
  • Chip away at the problem
  • Organise your data
  • The target may (and will) move – move with it
  • Collaborate
  • Start local
  • Write and rewrite
  • Play to your strengths
  • Fight Uninformed Law
  • Find inspiration in others you respect
  • Find inspiration in others you disrespect

See which ones work for you, some will and some will not but the key here is to really give them a good try!

Good Luck!