Tackling The Monday Blues Part One

Monday may not be the challenge that you think it is if you are prepared to look at things in a different perspective and decide to make some challenges to the dreaded day!

Try the following ideas for a refreshed and renewed way of tackling the start of the week.

  • Challenge assumptions
  • Think Big
  • Think Small
  • Set up new ways of doing things
  • Detect patterns – what do they tell you?
  • Sense a need to change something – what’s your instinct telling you?
  • Where does the overlap between departments actually sit – how can you use this?
  • Know what drives you mad about the current situation
  • Look under rocks – what exactly lurks beneath?
  • Assume the worst in people
  • Think like a Nation State
  • Find a place that suits you where you can be creative
  • Go for rigour
  • Good research is often disruptive to the status quo – so carry it out!
  • Don’t be afraid to choose something controversial

See which ones work for you, some will and some will not but the key here is to really give them a good try!

Good Luck!