How To Refresh Your Management Style

How To Refresh Your Management Style

Most managers who have been practicing their art for some time get hooked into a position where their approach has gone perhaps a little bit stale, tired and lack-lustre and the results that came early in your career seem to be getting harder to replicate.

We all get into a “comfort zone” in everything that we do – take driving your car – the best driving you will have ever done was the day that you passed your formal Driving Test. Your driving style now is considerably worse and you are less safe than the performance on that day.

The same goes for management style.

All managers then need a “wash and brush up” to sharpen and refine their management style and to get things done.

This all starts with some solid self-analysis.

  • Have I got the right attitude?
  • Have I got an executive presence?
  • Am I mentally tough enough to do the job?

You should never allow the situation to develop where your employer initiates the kind of conversation where the three points above are raised – you should constantly be re-inventing yourself and your style to suit changing priorities and events in the working arena.

You should also know easily where your leadership gaps lie and be open-minded and courageous to know how to close them, however difficult this might be.

Three Critical Questions;

  1. What must I KEEP doing?
  2. What must I STOP doing?
  3. What must I START doing?

Your leadership style must align itself with your workplace culture, the people there, the organisation itself and your own personal Brand.

So, what next?

  • Find out what your leadership style looks like? What is it like to be on the receiving end of how you come across? Ask trusted colleagues for some insight – it might be bruising but at least you will know.
  • Review your reputation. Look carefully and analytically at those staff that gravitate towards you and ask yourself what message that puts out to others. Of far greater importance however are staff (and what types of staff) that keep away from you and avoid you at all costs. This is a far more demanding question guaranteed to be harder to deal with but critical in assessing your style and the need for a refresh.
  • Do I fit in or am I delivering a really good act? Are you appeasing others to get on, which is just treading water and doing nobody any good at all. Is this process stopping you from becoming the leader you need to and should actually be? Remember you are hired to deliver results and not to pander to those around you.

Good luck!

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