How Can I Improve My Output? Part Two

There are many different techniques and approaches that managers and leaders use to improve their output as even the most effective and efficient people need to review their performance.

Regular self-review is an excellent tool that you can use and refine to give yourself that little bit extra energy to increase output and boost creativity.

  • Develop a sense for “open” problems
  • Develop a sense for important problems
  • Feed your mind
  • There are many, many potential paths to learning
  • Build up your set of skills
  • Write down your ideas
  • Choose the right problem to tackle
  • Chip away at the problem
  • Organise your data
  • The target may (and will) move – move with it
  • Collaborate
  • Start local
  • Write and rewrite
  • Play to your strengths
  • Fight Uninformed Law
  • Find inspiration in others you respect
  • Find inspiration in others you disrespect

See which ones work for you, refine and shape them like tools and then weave them into your daily/weekly/quarterly routines and scheduling.

Good Luck!