How Can I Improve My Output? Part One

There are many different techniques and approaches that managers and leaders use to improve their output as even the most effective and efficient people need to review their performance.

Regular self-review is an excellent tool that you can use and refine to give yourself that little bit extra energy to increase output and boost creativity.

  • Challenge assumptions
  • Think Big
  • Think Small
  • Set up new ways of doing things
  • Detect patterns – what do they tell you?
  • Sense a need to change something – what’s your instinct telling you?
  • Where does the overlap between departments actually sit – how can you use this?
  • Know what drives you mad about the current situation
  • Look under rocks – what exactly lurks beneath?
  • Assume the worst in people
  • Think like a Nation State
  • Find a place that suits you where you can be creative
  • Go for rigour
  • Good research is often disruptive to the status quo – so carry it out!
  • Don’t be afraid to choose something controversial

See which ones work for you, refine and shape them like tolls and then weave them into your daily/weekly/quarterly routines and scheduling.

Good Luck!