Being Resilient In Times Of Challenge And Change

Being Resilient In Times Of Challenge And Change

Can anyone show me someone who has never failed, made a huge mistake or a cataclysmic cock-up? No? I didn’t think so. The next question is how do such people pick themselves up from the floor, dust themselves off and carry on seemingly better for the experience once the dust has settled?

They do this, and draw strength from the experience because they see that failure can serve as an opportunity to bounce back even more knowledgeable and tougher than before.

While some people become frozen with fear or immobilized by their emotions, resilient people have a remarkable ability to tolerate distress. They face hard times—professional and personal—with determination to do their best and confidence that they will be able to handle whatever life throws their way. Successful sales professionals have long mastered this tricky path.

So, how to get your Resilience up to face the multiple challenges life and business will throw at you?

  1. Practice gratitude.Resilient people see that no matter how bad the circumstances are, their situation could always be worse. They never allow themselves to exaggerate how terrible their problems are and they never run around predicting how much worse things are going to get. Instead, they view failure with an accurate perspective.

Rather than become upset their first attempt did not work out as planned, resilient people choose to be grateful they had the opportunity to try. They remind themselves that many of today’s setbacks will fade into insignificance by next week or next month as the world moves on. Their willingness to look for the silver lining keeps their mood positive as they continue to behave productively and positively.

  1. Identify learning points. Rather than make excuses for their failures, resilient people try to learn from each mistake. They identify skills, ideas, and life lessons that can be learned from each failed opportunity.

They view failure as evidence that they are stretching themselves to the limits. Each error or mistake stumble provides proof that they are operating outside their comfort zones, which is an essential component to self-growth.

  1. Respect your vulnerabilities.Resilient people are not afraid to admit they have weaknesses. This involves using failure as an opportunity to spot their weaknesses.

Rather than dispute their shortcomings or hide their mistakes, resilient people are authentic. Their humble, self-aware approach assists them in developing strategies to become better.

  1. Acknowledge your strengths.Resilient people use failure as an opportunity to help them see their positive attributes. Whether that means recalling skills used during tough times in the past, or acknowledging the skills that have helped them get to where they are today, they know their strengths.

When resilient people acknowledge their capabilities, they do so without arrogance.

  1. Create a plan to become better.Instead of viewing failure as the end, resilient people think of it as only the beginning. When their attempt to complete a project or task fails to give them the results they want, they pause to consider how to approach the issue differently the next time.

Resilience will give you the ability to feel good about themselves even when they you are definitely NOT at your best. This gives the ability to face the potential of further or repeated failure with tenacity.

Practice the points above, sharpen up your approach and grow strong roots of Resilience.

Good Luck!

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