Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is Pointless.

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is Pointless. 

We all do it – look around at those we know or come into contact with and wish we could copy/steal some of the often indefinable “things” that they have that we do not have. Whatever your stance you will always end up on the losing side of the comparison. That’s because there will always be someone who has done something that you wished you could also accomplish.

This is a never-ending spiral and is the “doughnut of doom”. Once you begin this pointless and soul-destroying game it never ends and what happens is that your passion and commitment begins to suffer, ultimately to the point where you seriously doubt your ability to do anything!

The first point here is to see that you are a unique entity in your own right and are not, nor should not, be a replica of anyone else. Your experiences, opinions and the vents that have shaped your life are totally unique to you so you should always see everyone as a unique individual and, as such, not copying material!

Free yourself from the mire of constant comparisons. Review and be happy with how unique you are (and how unique those around you too are also unique). Be really proud of what you have achieved and build this force of thought into an active and meaningful Career Action Plan with targets to achieve within reasonable, but challenging, timescales.

Be positive and celebrate the accomplishments of yourself and others. Share the excitement of others when they succeed – they will appreciate your sentiments and pay you back when you have success. This is a precious commodity in what is a competitive life so such moments need to be cherished and used as prompts to drive forward and excel.

Whatever you do never compare yourself to others – if you are stuck on the Comparison Roundabout compare yourself now to the person you were 10 or 15 years ago and see how you have changed and developed.

Good Luck!

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