Why We Should NEVER Tolerate Lateness 

Staff are late. People are late for meetings. People are late for appointments which then creates confusion and havoc for everyone else. Lateness grows like a fungus under the sole of your training shoes.

We need to stamp out this modern-day trend for the following reasons;

  • Disrespectful. Being on time is about respect. It signals that you value and appreciate the other person. If you have no respect for those attending the meeting then why are you meeting with them in the first place?
  • Inconsiderate. Unintentionally being late demonstrates an overall lack of consideration for the lives of others. People carrying out this form of lateness simply do not care.
  • Making a statement. Intentionally being late is about power. It is a crude managerial flex of the proverbial muscle and illustrating that despite what others might think you do actually have the upper-hand in the working relationship.
  • Credibility. Poor timekeeping adversely affects how you are seen by others and your credibility inevitably suffers. If you cannot be relied upon to get there on time what does that say about other tasks that you are given? After all arriving on time is relatively easy in the great scheme of things – what would happen if you were given a complex project to manage?
  • Unprofitable. Lateness costs money. If five people are holding a meeting at 14.00 and a delegate arrives 10 minutes late then this action has wasted 40 minutes of other peoples’ time waiting around for the business to begin! The organisation has to now bear that cost.
  • Disorganised. People who are late on a regular basis are badly organised and are only a few pushes away from falling off the edge. Regular lateness is a quality few colleagues would ever want to work with.
  • Late because I am so busy. Being busy does not correlate to being important. Never-ending back to back lateness never equals importance only incompetence.
  • Megalomania. The futile belief that the late worker sits at the centre of the universe and their time is so much more important than everyone else. This is not an endearing quality and frequently leads to a big “moment of reality” when the order comes to Clear Your Desk NOW!

Never tolerate lateness – it masks many factors and needs to be dealt with in an expedient and professional manner.

Staff groups will see the late arrival and expect Management to deal with this so that standards are maintained. Failures to do so will inevitable see lateness become endemic and out of control.

Good Luck!

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