How To Be Certain In Everything You Do

In all aspects of life, and especially business, people do not warm easily to those they are with who are not certain in their dealings. Asking a colleague for their opinion and then finding that this view changes more frequently than the wind changes direction is, at best, unhelpful and at worst a deal-breaker in lots of ways.

So, how can you eliminate this in the manner in which you present and deal with your peers, associates and customers?

A good approach is to apply the Three Cs of Certainty.

Clarity. Crafting a clear message that you are comfortable with. If you make a stand it is essential that you stick to it and believe in your point of view.

Consistency. Presenting the same message every time; this includes your choice of clothes, the words you commonly use, your tone and written communication style.

Constancy. This means staying visible regularly so that you are in the perceptions of those you deal with. You simply cannot disappear for months on end and then expect to take up exactly where you left off as people will have lost interest in you and what you have to offer.

Have a clear communication plan and carve out an approach that works for you.

Good Luck!